NIWA Grow Hub 2.0 Wi-Fi Enabled Controller

Niwa SKU: 860186000931
NIWA Grow Hub 2.0 Wi-Fi Enabled Controller

NIWA Grow Hub 2.0 Wi-Fi Enabled Controller

Niwa SKU: 860186000931
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Niwa Grow Hub+

With the Grow Hub+, Niwa brings commercial grade features, such as controlling your plant’s climate (VPD, humidity and temperature) and light, watering and fan schedules for
indoor domestic growers at an affordable price.

For growers concerned about what’s going on in their garden, any user can check the live status of their garden by glancing at their dashboard or check the ‘stats’ section to view live and historical grow data within their garden. Additionally, growers can create their own custom grow recipe and customize the ideal climate they’re seeking (for different times of the day) and the scheduling (i.e. water, light & fan) needed for their plants.

Niwa’s goal is to reduce stress and enhance your garden’s performance while maintaining a stable growing environment. Their powerful software enables growers to automate their setups in a simple way- just assign your existing devices (such as lamps, fans, humidifiers*, dehumidifiers*, A/C remote triggers*, water pumps, CO2 devices and heaters) to the designated outlet within the Niwa Grow Hub+. Get connected and begin your journey to automating your garden!

*Any grower with a Grow Hub needs to be aware of the in-rush current larger pieces of equipment need to operate. Please contact customer service ( to discuss in detail or if you have any doubts.

Disclaimer: The Niwa Grow Hub+ is capable of handling input/output voltages either 120Vac or 240Vac. If you plug your Niwa into a 120Vac wall outlet all the four outputs will be 120Vac, if you connect it to a 240Vac wall outlet all the four outputs will be 240Vac. The most common household voltage in the United States and Canada is 120V, however, some growers might have access to a 240V grid. If that’s the case, please make sure all your devices work with 240V.

  • Customizable grow recipes to control your indoor garden setup
  • Wirelessly connect with Niwa Grow devices
  • Customizable grow data charts
  • Customizable grow alarms
  • Download grow data instantly
  • 4 x configurable power outlets
  • Max load: 15A total 120-240V
  • OTA Firmware updates
  • 2.4G WiFi

  • Rated Amperage: 15A
  • Voltage: 120
  • Dimensions
  • Case: 15.1 in x 14. 6 in x 9.6 in
  • Single Box: 13.75 in x 4.25 in x 2.76 in
  • Barcodes: 0-860186-00093-1
  • Shipping Weight (case): 17.6 lbs

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