Heavy 16 Foliar Spray Gallon (4L)

HEAVY 16 SKU: 736211384935
Heavy 16 Foliar Spray Gallon (4L)

Heavy 16 Foliar Spray Gallon (4L)

HEAVY 16 SKU: 736211384935
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HEAVY 16 Foliar

• Improves overall plant nutrition
• Corrects calcium/magnesium-based plant disorders
• Improves tolerance of abiotic stress

In our quest to provide the highest-grade products with superior efficacy to our growers, Heavy 16’s Heavy Foliar Professional Plant Additive is hands down the illustration of that mission, with full spectrum plant nutrition being the core of that statement. This revolutionary blend is “so far beyond” in its effects on plant metabolic growth and tissue integrity that many of our growers have eliminated a long list of reoccurring issues.

When sprayed on the foliage of your crop, Heavy Foliar’s net neutral chemistry is easily absorbed into the negatively charged foliage helping to immediately strengthen the canopy on its eventual journey to the roots. As the carbon-based concentration and mineral nutrition moves throughout the plants vascular system, the result is more elastic tissue, more adaptive membranes, as well as heightened yields at harvest. The amount of quality Calcium in Heavy Foliar is key to this elasticity and structure as it provides a perfect bridge between phospholipids, glycolipids, and proteins in the cell membrane.

Supports vigorous growth and photosynthesis. The result of this influx of carbon-based molecules ultimately aids the plants’ ability to make and store its own necessary carbon and energy, i.e. the variables of a high quality yield.

We recommend using Heavy Foliar before perceived stressful events, i.e., spraying mother plants before taking cuttings, before transplanting, before transition periods, and before nights of freezing temperatures or extreme daytime heat.

Heavy Foliar Synergistically s provides a single spray pass made by the grower, as the neutral based chemistry can be combined with any foliar applied compost/biological teas, pest control products, organic oils, any surfactant product, sulfur/fungicide, etc.

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