Emerald Harvest Grow, 6 gal

Emerald Harvest SKU: 859041005037
Emerald Harvest Grow, 6 gal

Emerald Harvest Grow, 6 gal

Emerald Harvest SKU: 859041005037
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Emerald Harvest Grow

Grow, Micro, Bloom:
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility in mixing ratios.
  • Reach plants’ maximum genetic potential by tailoring feedings to the garden’s needs for professional results.
  • Revitalize the feeding program for heavy rewards at harvest time.
Enjoy the freedom to fine-tune the feeding program to meet plants’ nutritional needs with Emerald Harvest’s flexible 3-part base nutrient series. Grow, Micro, Bloom supplies plants with all the essential elements needed in flexible formulations that may be tailored by experienced growers. It contains primary macro nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In addition to calculated ratios of N, P and K so that your high-yield plants flourish, Grow, Micro, Bloom provides a rich mix of trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur as well as many chelated micronutrients such as iron, copper, manganese and zinc.

Emerald Harvest’s Grow, Micro, Bloom formulations ensure quality and Emerald Harvest has included top-quality ingredients to help maximize the genetic potential of high-yield gardens. This premium 3-part base nutrient series will keep gardens growing strong from the early vegetative phase all the way to the end of flowering. Follow the instructions on the bottles or devise a unique feeding program based on grower experience and the demands of the plants.

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